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Red Silk

The Red silk kajira to begin with was to show that the kajira is not a virgin and is able to preform sexual services and be laid upon the furs. However online it’s to show the level of skill and the ability to preform tasks and duties. She knows everything there is to know on Gor however the red silk does not mean she has stopped learning as she is a human being above all and there is always something to learn. For this kajira there will be no excuses to wrong doings and there is no flexibility like in other levels she’s expected to be respectful, knowledgable do everything with beauty and grace and above all be pleasing at all times and at all costs. This does not mean she is to be a doormat

Yellow Silk 

 A yellow silk kajira has a bit of knowledge she knows most of the positions beverages and foods, she still requires assistance she is although restricted from sexual services and does not mean she is a virgin or has not yet been opened. She is still in training and does not know everything about Gor in certain things she does know better and must be pleasing at all times. This kajira still needs rules and guidelines and most of all requires someone to teach and correct her, because of her still learning certain things are still flexible and excusable yet some aren’t thigs is more of a middle between the very new to the fully trained kajira.

White Silk

In the books a white silks upon the kajira is was said that this girl is still a virgin has not yet been opened to men. In the instances of online however she is one with very little knowledge she must be guided through most things, she is completely restricted to any form of sexual services and lapping…. She can serve beverages and food to learn and grow may sit at a mans feet and involve herself in discussions that provide learning experience

from : Elerikk’s Babygirl

(Gorean Master comment): I would love more submissions like this! If someone wants to fill this out a bit more and include the missing Black Silk I know that the rest of the Gorean community would love it!)

Greetings Master.

And apologies for the intrusion. 
I saw the post on your blog regarding positions and wanted to let you know the site referenced in the writing is not very book worthy or accurate. 
It gives the bow, for example, as an on command position, when in fact the bow is always a “owner placed” position. The girl doesnt get into it by herself. The Master always places her in it. 
You seem very knowledgable and sincere. The online world is horrid with made up and bastardized versions of positions that get tagged with the gorean label in the name of roleplay and/or Masters preference. 
I spent nearly a decade researching,learning and cross referencing the positions used both in the books and where the origins of those positions came from. Most are old guard bdsm. Some are leather culture and still others from Greco-Roman slave documents. 

Slavechat (on my page) does in depth chats about such things and posts the notes on tunblr if you would like a knowledgeable source to quote. 
I dont run schat, but i teach there from time to time. Especially on Gorean topics. 
But i digress. Thank you for your time and your blog. It is nice to see others of gorean nature who believe in more than roleplay and rape. 
I would have left this comment on the blog, but i am Terribly NON tech and couldnt figure out how!


— niamh-taigh